Welcome to SRV Solutions

"The fundamental principle of economic activity is that no man you transact with will lose, then you shall not."- Arthasastra



The creator of universe unveiled a wonder called earth. It was embalmed with invaluable resources to support various life forms. Embraced with ocean and green lands, it was a paradise created for human and other living beings. Earth was a perfect place for co-existence. As time went by, Mankind evolved and became the supreme inhabitant, the evolution has been quick, productive yet disastrous. From green to greed, from a well knit community system to nuclear units of current society, man is no more kind today; his approach is more or less self-centred. The situation is alarming as the deteriorating cohesiveness would make mankind more vulnerable and less effective.

A total undo may not be possible at one go but, small initiatives can become a gate way for big revolutions over a period. The thought is to create a favourable ambience for fellow humans and improve quality of life. This can be achieved through mutual understanding and support.



To yield the best in business one need to think beyond right people and right place
An undeterred will to change and create a better place escalated the thoughts to an approach level. The abstract thoughts were streamlined into moulds of business giving shape to an initiative, SRV solutions. At SRV it is believed that creating better opportunities, channelizing and promoting human potentials, providing the best of facilities and exhibiting care and compassion can produce startling results. Understanding business on a totally different perspective, the mentors at SRV envisage a future that holds a lot promise.


SRV solutions from its humble beginning has transformed into a premier business establishment of current era. The organization today has diverse verticals and over a XXXX strong workforce effectively functioning under it. The emphasis on quality and complete satisfaction from source to destination has been the key to achieve goals and enjoy the pleasure of attaining genuine success.

One and all at SRV have a clear understanding of the objectives and leave no stone unturned in their effort to achieve high standards. Maintaining superior standards has always remained a top priority, giving SRV a vital edge in all its endeavours. Conducting business by a clear set of values and beliefs, the organization never steps down on ethics and transparency. The open door policy here encourages the ability to adapt to changing situations and grow from strength to strength. SRV solutions have consistently overcome challenges through its decisive and visionary response to changing times.